The all-in-one solution for converting audio/video into rich text content!


Content Generation Fast & Easy

With our one-in-all solution, automatically transcribe the audio/video file and right away, select parts of the text to insert media cuts, take screensshots, generate gif and much more! No need of extra tools or software.


SEO and SEM Instant Boost!

Search engines and social networks are greatly dependant of text content. Transforming your audio & video into a rich text version of the content you created fast and easy, generate an instant boost in your discoverability and ranking!

Video, Audio, Podcast or Youtube, all welcome!

We can transcribe any video, audio format, podcast even youtube videos! We support english and spanish languages!


Create Essay's, Content Review Documents and more, for everyone!

It doesn't matter the purpose, if is academic, personal, professional, our tools fits all the needs to make the process of creating a text version of a multimedia content, easy!


Reach a Wider Audience, Increase Your Content Reach!

Not everyone is a fan of audio and video. Some people like to read the content, download it in text format for later. Transform your content into rich text effortless and reach new high's!


4 Export formats!

You can export your final document into HTML, Wordpress Post (with our wordpress plugin for import), PDF and Word Document.

Packed up with practical features
for Powerful Results

We have 2 objectives: First, help you to reach new audiences by converting your multimedia content into a rich text content. Second, doing it effortless and quick, so the time cost is marginal. For that we created a bunch of features in our one-in-all solution:

Automatical voice transcribing into text, generate media cuts & screenshots of audio and video by selecting just the text, insert social media content (IG posts, Facebook, Google forms, Youtube), style text and much more, export to 4 formats, all from the same page and editor!

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From One Media to All The Internet in a Few Clicks!

At a marginal money and time cost, you can be spreading your multimedia content into the whole internet. Social networks, blogs, search engines, unlimited new audiences can be reach. Integrate extra content that video and audio doesn't allow, as Google Forms, external videos, audio, posts and more!

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Available in Android And iOS too!!

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